Bridge  bed headboard  is characterized by a slight curve where a string runs around the perimeter.

The design plays with dimensions and curves to give Bridge an expression that is simultaneously minimalistic and full of character.

 All upholstered in fabric .

Wardrobe  in oak with 1 door made of  reeded  lacquer wood   . Led lighting inside. Metal construction of desk and luggage rack  with  top in oak  or  HPL .

Bathroom furniture with bases made of   reeded  lacquer wood   and round mirrors with led light . Wall and floor towel rack.

Dimensions cm:

Bed: l.300 x w.225 x h.120
Bedside table Pillar: D41 x h.40
bedside table Tray : D41 x h.34
Footrest : l.125 x w.45 x h.35

Wardrobe: l.100 x w.50x h.215
Fesk-luggage rack:  l.240 x w.450 x h.75
Mirror : l.60 x w.8x h.140

Basin base: D43 x h.70
Mirror: D60
Wall towel hanger :  l.25 x w.20 x h.10
Floor towel hanger  : l.89 x w.31 x h.82