Dining room

Wave D

Dining table with top veneered in oak and surrounding details in silver lacquered wood Feet in solid beech wood. Extension (+45 cm) is inside the table. Buffet veneered in oak with two doors and 3 drawers. Side panels/doors/drawers in silver lacquered wood. Vitrine veneered in oak with 4 doors. Side panels and doors in silver lacquered wood. Upholstered chair no 54 with feet in solid beech wood.

Dimensions cm:
Table(+ 45cm ext.): l.190 x w.93 x h.78
Buffet: l.208 x w.52 x h.87
Mirror: l.174 x w.4 x h.86
Vitrine: l.133 x w.43 x h.150
Mirror: l.102 x w.4 x h.102
Coffe table: l.101 x w.101 x h.37